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UX Designer

Full Time
  • Post Date: October 4, 2021
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Job Description
  1. Design interactions and interfaces that are visually appealing and highly usable to increase user’s effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction in using the system. 
  2. Think critically to translate business requirements into system interactions and interfaces, with strong emphasis on understanding user needs, and enhancing user experience. 
  3. Conduct User Experience focus groups and interviews to derive insights for enhancing user experience. 
  4. Implement a visual and interaction design that is consistent across NGPS. 
  5. Create and maintain design artefacts like wireframes, mockups and design comprehensives. 
  6. Work closely with the Authority’s development teams to deliver attractive and usable software, supporting the development process with design artefacts when necessary. 
  7. Communicate design to project team and project stakeholders during mockup reviews. Support functional discussions with design artefacts when necessary. 
  8. Assist the DSTA User Experience Lead in ensuring that the developed software is consistent with NGPS design guides, and in accordance with Usability and User Experience best-practices. 
  9. Assist the DSTA User Experience Lead in the maintenance of the NGPS Design Library. This minimally includes curation of interaction patterns, visual design of interface widgets, screen templates, and style guides and working with developers to ensure that the Design Library resources can be used to guide development. 
  10. Responsible for the timely (i.e. bi-weekly) preparation and reporting of progress status updates to the DSTA User Experience Lead. 


1.2 Required Competencies 


  1. Knowledge of, and commitment to, user-centric design and usability principles and best-practice. 


  1. Ability to communicate and articulate design concepts and rationale to project team and stakeholders. Able to work with developers to ensure that design translates properly into development. 


  1. Ability to communicate and empathise strongly with users to come up with design to improve their User Experience. 


  1. Proficient with wireframing / prototyping software such as Balsamiq. 


  1. Proficient in HTML, CSS and JavaScript for rapid prototyping. Ability to communicate design to developers using web development language such as Java, is desired. 


  1. Experience with enterprise software systems, complex workflow interaction design is desired. 


1.3 Required Working Experience 


  1. Minimum 2 years of experience in digital UX design, with proven ability to design visually attractive and highly usable interactions and interfaces, with focus on good User Experience. 


  1. Include past work portfolio to showcase design experience, required skillsets, and a strong user-centric design process.