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System Analyst for Enlistment

Full Time
  • Post Date: May 4, 2025
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Job Description

System Analyst for Enlistment


  1. Scope of Work for System Analyst for Enlistment related functional Tracks  

1.1 Major roles and responsibilities of the awarded staff is Operation and Support (including enhancements) of the E-HR System on SAP for MINDEF/SAF. The scope of work for the following candidate role includes:  

  1. Manage and ensure timely deliverables by the E-HR Maintenance Vendor; ensure deliverables conformed to the standards and control defined for the programme; identify and manage risk and mitigation strategies; identify, analyse and ensure resolution of issues; manage change control; tracking and escalating of risks and issues to DSTA PM and Ops Manager; Project planning with E-HR maintenance team, Interfacing team, Infra team, etc. 
  2. Prepare progress reporting to Ops Manager, management and to various forums, prepare for presentations for meetings when required. 
  3. Seek Ops Manager’s approval for funding of system changes/CRs, completion of milestone, etc; Consolidate and prepare submission for Performance Management Review (PMR)/Post Implementation Review (PIR) and update DSTA PM and Ops Manager.   
  4. Provide analysis and consultation services to address operational issues and audit related activities. 
  5. Coordinate and perform secretariat role for meetings with different stakeholders and internal team meetings. 
  6. Oversee and participate in requirements gathering and evaluate requirements & design solutions with the E-HR Maintenance Vendor. 
  7. Manage CR. Responsibilities include tracking of CR raised; review of CR effort; assess impact and solution proposed by the E-HR Maintenance Vendor; facilitate users in CR testing. 
  8. Manage SR. Responsibilities include monitoring of the SR raised and assess impact with the E-HR Maintenance Vendor. 
  9. Manage System Investigation Request (SIR) /PR. Track SIRS and system defects reported by users. Ensure prompt resolution is provided by the EHR Maintenance Vendor to the defects reported, and prompt clarifications are provided for SIRs. 
  10. Provide support to E-HR reporting and data patching team on queries from functional perspective.  
  11. Ensure QMS processes are adhered to. E.g. Project Quality Record List (PQRL) to maintain list of assets and documents for project and ensure project repository is updated.
  12. Project Planning with other system Contractor, Interfacing team, Infra Team, external systems, etc. 
  13. Propose, document and implement improvements to the current work processes to achieve increased efficiency and effectiveness in delivering the maintenance support services. 
  14. Review, propose and update changes to the documentation where necessary.  Examples of documentation: i) Requirements specification ii) FD specification iii) Technical Design (TD)  iv) Test Packages v) HR Reference Models vi) Enterprise Architecture Artefacts vii) Data Patching Impact Assessment Documentation (if any) 
  15. If necessary, facilitate HR systems training for personnel from Personnel Management Centres (PMCs) and Services’ Plans. 
  16. Provide support to the following process areas.
Process Area Description
Employment-Related Tracks
1 Recruitment Manage recruitment processes under Recruitment Centres which include shortlisting, medical and security clearance and hiring, etc.
2 Enlistment Manages enlistment related processes under Central Manpower Base (CMPB), which include National Service registration, deferment, assignment, exit control and defaulter management, etc.
3 Service Extension Manage processes involved for extension of Service due to organisation requirement, retirement age, and also resulting in adjustment of contract end date, new contract engagement as well as quota-related extension. 

Processes also include managing assignment of Civil Service Officers, managing conversion of schemes for servicemen, conversion of full-time employment to part-time employment, managing emplacement and resumption of service for servicemen, etc.


1.3 Key Deliverable (Progress Reporting) 

  1. The awarded staff shall provide monthly Project Progress Report on the track for the duration of the PO. The reporting period and submission date for the monthly report shall be specified by the Authority. 
  2. The progress report shall include: 
  1. SIR Status, PR Status and Impact;  
  2. CR Timeline, Progress and Status; 
  3. O&S achievement, SR Status and delay(s) with reasons and impact;  
  4. Any other details requested by the Authority



  1. Pre-requisite for System Analyst for Enlistment related functional tracks  

1.1 Education Qualification 

  1. The candidate should possess at least a Degree in Computer Science, Information System, Science, Engineering or Equivalent. 


1.2 Required Competencies 

  1. Good knowledge of information technology, especially in the areas of SAP HCM ERP. 
  2. Good planning and coordination skills. 
  3. Strong writing, verbal communication and presentation skills. 
  4. Good team player, responsible and conscientious. 
  5. Resourceful, independent, responsive and pro-active. 
  6. Proficiency in Office productivities suites such as Microsoft Office. 
  7. Possess strong interest in investigating and identifying causes of issues, and able to propose solutions to rectify the issue.  


1.3 Required Working Experience 

  1. At least 4 years of working experience in information technology. 
  2. At least 2 years of working experience in SAP HCM ERP. 


1.4 Security Clearance Requirement 

  1. The candidate is required to be a Singaporean and he / she will be subject to security clearance.