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Senior Outsystem Analyst

Full Time
  • Post Date: October 4, 2021
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Job Description

Major duties and responsibilities are listed below: 

  1. Review reported cases for their responsible modules. Assign cases to team members and work collectively to develop a fully integrated solution that meets the business needs within the stipulated timeframe using the Outsystems Rapid Application Development platform. 
  2. Responsible for ensuring the proposed solution is aligned with the overall architecture design. 
  3. Responsible for complying with the program standards, processes and technical standards defined for the project. 
  4. Responsible for the design and development of all integration points and interfaces with SAP, any selected 3rd party software and other applications/systems. 
  5. Perform the following key maintenance activities: 

 Propose solutions to fulfil business requirements and recommend potential areas for streamlining. 

 Design, document and develop programs to resolve cases and ensure the developed programs fulfil the business requirements. 

 Plan, identify, define and conduct unit testing to ensure the proposed solution fulfils the business requirements. 

 Provide technical support to the Functional Consultants during system integration and user acceptance testing, implementing code changes if required. 

 Conduct peer code reviews as specified according to project standards. 

 Ensure programs developed pass the required vulnerability assessments and code quality inspections. 

 Deliver all project documentations defined for the projects that minimally includes design specifications, program specifications and unit test plan. 

 Provide on-site support where necessary. 

 Troubleshoot any problems reported before and after implementation of solution. 

  1. Ensure optimal system design and configuration of the application functionality. 
  2. Ensure the quality of the deliverables. 
  3. Participate in any quality assurance activities and resolve any risks or areas for improvement identified. 
  4. Perform risk management which includes identification; provide mitigation solutions and management for risks. 
  5. Participate in the change request process which includes performing impact assessment, development and testing. 
  6. Responsible for the timely preparation and reporting of progress status updates to the Project Manager and other management. 


2.2 Required Competencies 

  1. Ability to communicate and articulate clearly to seek resolution of project issues. 
  2. Good team player, responsible and conscientious. 
  3. Ability to work independently and efficiently, managing timelines and expectations, and producing high quality deliverables (programs, documentation). 
  4. 1 year Outsystem application development experience or certification in development on the Outsystems platform is required. 


2.3 Required Working Experience 

  1. Minimum 2 years of IT system implementation experience with at least 1 full cycle implementations as a Team Lead.