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SAP Function JD

Full Time
  • Post Date: October 4, 2021
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Job Description

Propose and design solution to meet the business needs. Ensure a fully integrated enterprise system to meet the business needs within the stipulated timeframe and allocated resources. 

  1. Responsible to ensure the proposed solution is aligned with the overall architecture design. 
  2. Responsible to conform and comply with the program standards, processes and SAP specific technical standards defined for the project. 
  3. Responsible to solution and implement all the integration points and interfaces between various SAP system components, any selected 3rd party software and other applications/systems. 
  4. Perform the following key activities : 

 Run workshops; facilitate group discussions; perform gap analysis between business requirements and SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). 

 Propose solution to fulfil the business requirements and recommend potential areas for streamlining. 

 Recommend industry best practise to users to improve the business processes. 

 Document the business process flow using the tool identified for the project and ensure compliance of the rules and requirements. 

 Configure SAP for the proposed solution. 

 Design and document the specification for program development and ensure the developed program meet the user requirements. 

 Plan, identify, define and conduct System Integration Test and User Acceptance Test to ensure the proposed solution fulfil the business requirements. 

 Collate information required for the authorization setup. 

 Plan and define the data migration requirements as well as oversee the successful completion of the data migration activities to enable system implementation. 

 Plan and prepare the training materials as well as to conduct the user training. 

 Plan and perform the cutover for the modules assigned. 

 Ensure programs developed pass the required vulnerability assessments and code quality inspections. 

 Deliver all project documentations defined for the projects, for example, functional requirements, test cases, training materials, cutover execution plan and data migration specification etc. 

 Provide on-site support where necessary. 

 Troubleshoot any problems reported before and after implementation of solution 

  1. Ensure optimal system design and configuration of the SAP functionality. 
  2. Ensure the quality of the deliverables. 
  3. Participate in any quality assurance activities and resolve any risks or areas for improvement identified. 
  4. Perform risk management which includes identification; provide mitigation solutions and management for risks. 
  5. Responsible to provide progress status update to Solution Architect, Project Manager and other management which include preparation and presentation in meetings. 
  6. Responsible to perform impact assessment on change requests, design and present solution to users, perform configuration, test and implement the solution to meet requirements within the stipulated timeframe. 
  7. Review and troubleshoot reported cases and work with the internal/external teams to develop solution that will ensure integrity of enterprise system and meet the business needs within the stipulated timeframe. 
  8. Responsible to manage and resolve all problems reported and service requests received during the maintenance phase.