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SAP Consultant (Cross Application)

Full Time
  • Post Date: September 4, 2021
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Job Description


  1. Main duties and responsibilities of the successful candidates are to assist the System Manager/ Functional Leads on the maintenance & support of DES applications. This includes: 
  2. Change Request (CR) Management.  Responsibilities include tracking and monitoring of CRs raised, conduct of impact assessment, design & implement solution and facilitate users in CR testing and conduct training when necessary. 
  3. Service Request (SR) Management.  Responsibilities include tracking and monitoring of SRs raised; assessment and implementation of SRs according to operating procedures, e.g. data patching requested by users. 
  4. Defect Management.  Responsibilities include tracking of system defects reported by users; perform analysis and troubleshooting service to verify and confirm the cause of the problem; provide interim or workaround solutions when necessary to minimize disruption to operations; ensure prompt resolution to the defects reported and facilitate users in Problem Report (PR) testing. 
  5. Operations Support.  Responsibilities include monitoring and execution of scheduled events such as monthly jobs, financial year end activities, interface testing, support of audit-related activities, responding to calls/ emails from users about issues/ queries with regard to DES applications and provide on-site support when necessary; support scheduled events such as system down-time; investigate and resolve functional and/or performance related and/or integration issues. 
  6. Prepare and submit monthly progress report on summary of CR and SR status and the incidents resolution updates to the Deputy Head/ Functional Leads. 
  7. Ensure the smooth operation of DES, including integration with other bolt-on applications, and interfaces with internal/ external interfaces so that the support is not disrupted during normal office working hours. 
  8. Review and update the relevant documentation (inclusive of ARIS diagrams/ models) to reflect changes made to the system. Examples of documentation include the following:
  • Functional Design (FD) specification
  • Technical Design (TD) specification

Pre-requisite for SAP Consultant (Cross Application) 

  • Education Qualification

The candidate(s) shall have at least a degree in Computer Science, Engineering, IT or Equivalent.

  • Required Competencies and Working Experience
  1. At least two (2) years of working experience in SAP Data Services (DS), including Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) development, workflows and scheduling.
  2. Preferably with two (2) years of working experience in SAP BO and/or Qlik Sense.
  3. Experience in implementation of interfaces technologies shall minimally include ETL, Business Application Programming Interface (BAPI), Intermediate Document (iDOC), Batch Input, Direct Input and SAP Process Integration.
  4. The candidate shall serve as the primary support for system internal and external interfaces, including cross applications integration. Knowledge in integration with SAP ERP modules is essential.
  5. Knowledge of designing interfaces between various SAP modules, third party software and other applications/systems.
  6. Good knowledge of Oracle and Microsoft SQL databases with experience in PL/SQL and MS SQL, ASAP methodology and toolsets.
  7. Knowledge in Microsoft Command Prompt or PowerShell to do Batch Scripting.
  8. Ability to design, develop and articulate solutions based on strategic business or technical requirements.
  9. Ability to work independently and efficiently, manage timelines and user expectation, and produce high quality deliverables (documentation, presentations and research).
  10. Possess excellent communication and soft skills.


  • Security Clearance Requirement


The candidate shall be subjected to security clearance. The Contractor shall provide all necessary information requested by the Authority to facilitate security clearance.