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Data Analytics Consultant 

Full Time
  • Post Date: October 4, 2021
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Job Description


Scope of Work for Data Analytics Consultant

The key duties and responsibilities of the successful candidates are to: 

  1. Work closely with stakeholders to understand and gather business and data requirements, and to formulate project plan. 
  2. Conduct research and explorations, and recommend solutions that achieve optimal outcome. 
  3. Design and develop data pipelines to support analysis according to best practices. 
  4. Design and develop dashboards to support analytical requirements according to best practices.
  5. Adopt a systematic approach to analysis and modelling, and ensure that findings and models are validated.
  6. Work closely with DevOps to integrate and operationalise dashboards and analytical models according to best practices.
  7. Provide documentations to ensure analytical work is reproducible



 Pre-requisite for Data Analytics Consultant and BIA Data Integration Developer

1.1 Education Qualification 

  1. Data Analytics Consultant. The candidate(s) should possess a Degree/ Master in relevant fields (computer science, statistics, data science/ analytics)

 Required Competencies  

Good knowledge of data science/ analytics, in particular: 

  1. Data analysis and predictive modelling using Python or R  
  2. Data visualisations using Tableau or Qlik Sense 
  3. Data engineering using SQL, Spark, Hive, or equivalent  
  4. Deep learning using Keras, Tensorflow or equivalent

Other required competencies required from all candidates:  

  1. Able to understand business processes and propose innovative solutions. 
  2. Good planning, coordination and time-management skills. 
  3. Strong writing, verbal communication and presentation skills.  
  4. Good team player, responsible and conscientious. 
  5. Resourceful, independent, responsive and pro-active

Required Working Experience 

  1. At least three years of working experience in related Data Analytics fields. Proposed staff should have proven track record in developing and deploying Data Analytics solutions in the domain of predictive maintenance and anomaly detection

Security Clearance Requirement 

  1. The candidate is required to be a Singaporean and he/she will be subjected to security clearance. The Contractor shall provide all necessary information requested by the Authority to facilitate security clearance.