BIA JD – ERP21 Recruitment & Consultancy


Full Time
  • Post Date: October 4, 2021
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Job Description

1.1 Major duties and responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Tuning and troubleshooting Big Data Platform (BDA) and Data Ingestion Platform (DIP) to deliver optimal performance in high volume enterprise environments.
  2. Integrate BDP and DIP with third-party platforms or systems when required
  3. Work with third party system administrators or vendors to resolve integration issues and data flow issues
  4. Participate in key technical and design discussions with Authorities’ engineering and operations teams
  5. Document system management lessons learned and recommend adjustments for continuous improvement
  6. Monitor health of the platforms and Generate Performance Reports and Monitor and provide continuous improvements such as automating manual tasks to meet demanding ops needs
  7. Provide regular status reporting to management and other stakeholders on overall BDP and DIP system’s health, progress, issues, and technical risks
  8. Track and manage maintenance and support SLAs and KPIs of BDP and DIP and its sub-systems
  9. Support hardware refresh and hardening of systems
  10. Onboarding of new log sources and network flow data into DIP
  11. Develop log source extensions (custom regex parser) for custom log sources
  12. Research, assess, track and document system and application log fields and formats from cybersecurity and Enterprise IT systems forwarded to DIP.
  13. Support firmware and software update/upgrade
  14. Research, diagnose, debug, troubleshoot issues related to BDA and DIP.
  15. Perform documentation on the changes and automation works performed. Documentation includes the following:

i) System Design Documents
ii) System Interface and Specifications Documents
iii) Acceptance Test Documents
iv) User Manuals


1.2 Required Competencies

  1. Good planning and coordination skills.
  2. Strong writing, verbal communication and presentation skills.
  3. Good team player, responsible and conscientious.
  4. Resourceful, independent, responsive and pro-active.
  5. Proficiency in Office productivities suites such as Microsoft Office and Microsoft Project.


1.3 Required Working Experience

  1. For BIA Data Integration Developer, at least 1 years of working experience in data warehouse implementation using ETL technology.
  2. Experience in project management / project coordination.