About Us

At ERP21, we provide SAP consultants in the SAP market place for project implementation, training and support work. Our main focus is in the provision of SAP services in the industry areas of Oil & Gas, Aerospace and Defence, Utility, Shipping and Healthcare. We pride ourselves in being a trusted player by getting the right minds and skillsets for the most challenging assignments

With so much hype over the internet, Supply Chain management, Customer relationships and other new technologies and paradigms, we in ERP21, believe that the fundamentals of organizations are the cornerstones of an organization and remains to stay footed on its ground to help organizations fully realized their investments to best use the ERP package for their business. Without a strong foundation and good base, all other CRM or SCM products will fall short of their respective potential which can springboard organizations to unparalleled heights.

With ERP21, there is a constant strive to help organizations realize their corporate objectives with the help of ERP21 resourceful consultants.

What ERP21 Means

Our company's name ERP21 stands for Enterprise Resource Planning for the 21st Century. Our corporate phrase is - giving you tomorrow today. We believe that with time and new technologies that shape the future of companies deploying ERP systems, most of the work will be outsourced to individuals and organizations. That being the case, we have reason to believe and it is happening already today, that companies are looking for SAP expertise to fulfill their needs for SAP implementation projects, training and on-going support.

With ERP21, we interpret ERP to have 2 other related meanings of ERP - ERPI and ERPII. ERPI is the area of backend systems that help organisation fulfill their business needs with standard procurement, sales, production, maintenance finance, costing and human resources. With ERPII, this is an extension of the ERP space where organisations can deploy new technologies such as Customer relationship management, Supplier relationship management, Portals, Content management, Supply chain management and Business Analytics

  • Our Vision

    • To shape the future where individuals' aspirations can be fulfilled.
    • To create new opportunities for its consultants, partners and customers.
    • To be an honest, reliable and strategic partner for effective and productive SAP services.
  • Our Mission

    • To be the preferred source of contract opportunities for SAP practitioners.
    • To provide opportunity for individuals who are new in SAP industry who wishes to be trained and further developed.
    • To continuously explore and up-skill in Industry solutions of Oil & Gas, Aerospace & Defence, Retail, Healthcare and the Utilities.
    • To build new businesses in the areas of Mobility, Analytics, Application Support, BPR and Cloud Computing.
  • Our People

    • High in Professionalism - in offering the best professional consultancy solutions to our clients.
    • Totally responsible - in their dealings and act with a high level of integrity in everything we do.
    • Highly Innovative - in our approach and find intelligent solutions for our clients and candidates.
    • Fully dedicated - to delivering the best service and solutions to our clients at all times.
    • Be honest - in delivering the most sincere solution in carrying out our assignments.
    • Source of Knowledge - to continually learn and share any new knowledge.